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FRAGILE : Handle with Care
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06 02 15 - Journal Revamp!
Revamped my journal, potentially for other uses. (cough fanfiction writing that will never happen)
KHR: 8018 <3 OTP
University has started. It is painful.

On another note, I previously gave up learning anatomy because it was too difficult and I am lazy.

But now... I have to learn it as part of my course, so I guess that's a good thing? Who knows.

Wish me luck.
02 21 14(no subject)
KHR: 8018 <3 OTP
Was having a conversation with my sister today and to topic strayed to depression. Anyway we were discussing and she talked about how she had a friend which was always outgoing and energetic but actually had depression after which she said:

"That must have been her 'happy' phase" (paraphrased)

To which I said, it wouldn't have been depression then it would have been bipolar disorder. And her response?

"My friend has depression!"

Emphasis on the 'friend' portion of the sentence, not the word 'depression'. So what, because your friend has depression all of a sudden by proxy you miraculously know what it was like as well?

Maybe I misinterpreted her sentence or something but...

I guess bipolar disorder can be called maniac depression but I feel that it is different from depression (or rather major depressive disorder) although the depression is one facet of bipolar disorder. Either way, that is not how bipolar disorder works.
02 05 14(no subject)
KHR: 8018 <3 OTP
learning anatomy is so hard. drawing is hard. i'm tired.
01 28 14 - Ahaha... ha
KHR: 8018 <3 OTP
Every day I say to myself that I'm going to post something and every day without fail I do not.

Thus this post.

I wanted to talk about the things that I'd done and things that I'd thought, but somehow one way or another it drifted away and disappeared into the great abyss of all the things I say I'm going to do (haha... ಠ_ಠ)

So... quick recap

A few weeks ago I went to watch Frozen with a few friends of mine. AMAZING MOVIE. If you haven't seen it, go see it! THE SONGS were beautiful. They stayed on repeat on my iTunes for the next few days (and also on the tracklist of my shower karaoke sessions)

Next point, I have impulse-buying-desires/I-want-what-other-people-want-and-or-have. I may (or may not) elaborate on this at a further date but when someone wants something, all of a sudden I want it too.

And on the topic of beautiful amazing things, I came across the BEST manga I've read in a while! (BL of course, what did you expect)
It's called Canis and is the debut work of ZAKK.
Hnnng, the art, the story, EVERYTHING about this work is amaaazing.
My feeble vocabulary cannot begin to describe how amazing it is, can't wait for the next volumes and look forward to more of their work in the future! (I found it today and I already read through it three times)

Aaad, I started playing Hearthstone. Man, it stresses me out.

Okay! All for now.
Once again lies of how I will post more often. I must sleep. (cough yes I will sleep cough) 
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